Welcome to Tai Chi for Schools.

Quotes from feedback: “It calmed me down at home when I was angry”

“I really like it because it is so so so relaxing”

We offer specialist Tai Chi and QiGong classes for children as well as training for teachers to:

  • Promote health and well being.

  • Improve physical fitness, co-ordination and balance.

  • Improve concentration levels and aid calmness in the classroom.

  • Engage all learners in body movement and awareness.

  • Enable teachers to develop pre-school wake up/energise or after lunch calm & refocus sessions.

We can come into schools and teach children with classes of Tai Chi and QiGong as well as facilitate the school to provide daily sessions. This works best built into the curriculum as weekly lessons but can be tailored in other ways:

  • Would you like a training day or half-day to learn about Tai Chi and use it’s benefits with children in the classroom?

  • Are you doing an Anti-bullying day or having a Health & Well being week and would like some input from an experienced Tai Chi practitioner?

  • Would you like to incorporate Tai Chi as part of outdoor learning or forest school activities?

tai-chiWe provide training for teachers to learn simple Tai Chi exercises and QiGong practice including in school follow-up and support. We can put together a tailor made package to suit individual schools including working alongside teachers to offer activities for pupils. Sessions can take place indoors in halls or classrooms and outside as part of outdoor learning or forest school.

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