Phil Wright, Principal Tai Chi Coach and Founder.

Mindfulness in motion: medication in movement.

I have been practising Tai Chi for 30 years and I am an Advanced Tai Chi Instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. I work in schools in Cornwall & Devon, facilitating and running Tai Chi classes for children and for Teachers. I also work nationally offering workshops and sharing what I do at Conferences.  I am constantly inspired by Tai Chi and QiGong practice with children and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm. I have, through experience, developed a unique and different approach for KS1 and for KS2 children.

I have a good deal of experience teaching Tai Chi in school settings within the curriculum and outside too. I have run Parent & Child after School clubs which is a really fun format. I have done Anti-Bullying days and Health & Wellbeing weeks. My approach is to create a class where all students can explore Tai Chi in a fun way with a bit of Kung Fu or “hard work” to develop some resiliency.  I find Tai Chi can engage all children, especially those who do not engage so well with traditional sports or indeed children who find it difficult to concentrate. Tai Chi is a different kind of body awareness and children can learn that the “weakest” can win!

I am a registered Tai Chi Teacher with public liability insurance and an up to date Disclosure and Barring Service check. Please click on the Contacts page if you would like any further information or a bespoke quote.

 Updated: Summer 2017.






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