Latest feedback:


A Primary school – 6 full days spread over a term:

38% of children rated the Tai Chi Excellent, 41% Great and 21% Good. The Tiger Stepping game was the most popular with the See-saw partner exercise a close second!

10 week session at a Primary school rated pupil’s enjoyment 5 stars and children commented on finding the classes “calming and relaxing” with good changes to pupil’s co-ordination and balance.

“All of the EYFS children have reached  their Early Learning goals for balancing and all KS1 children ‘s balancing is much improved” (2015)

General feedback from children (see below for latest);

KS1 children generally report enjoying those movements and practices related to animals. They learn to move like a White Crane; a Monkey or step like a cat. They feel more relaxed and calmer.

KS2 children generally report enjoying the Chi (energy)  work; finding the “chi ball” and doing partner practices and creating more Chi through QiGong. They also report feeling more relaxed and calmer.

Case Study 1, 2014 – whole Primary school for two terms.  

The PE co-ordinator reported to the Governer’s that the children and teachers had really enjoyed Tai Chi. Here are some of the comments quoted from the children;

KS1 child “It is good and relaxing. Sometimes when you are stressy you calm down”

KS2 child“It feels calm and relaxing because it is slow and you get to feel the air”.

KS2 child“It’s something new. It takes your mind off work as it is relaxing”.

85% of teachers felt that their students benefited to some extent in the following areas:
Ability to listen
Engagement on work
Ability to follow instructions
Enjoyment of the lesson
Collaboration with classmates.
Over 50% felt that there was good to excellent progress in students calmness after lessons. One teacher commented that ” I feel my class are calm when doing this activity”. 100% reported children enjoyed the lessons.Another teacher remarked that she had a pupil who concentrated fully for 45 mins Tai Chi who had failed to concentrate in class at any other times. There was some good progress commented on with children with special or extra educational needs too.

 Case Study 2 – whole Primary school for a term 2015.

All teachers rated the children’s enjoyment of the Tai Chi classes, very good to excellent. Two teachers reported general improvements in balance and coordination as a result of classes. All teachers reported improvements in concentration and calmness. One teacher quoted;

“The sessions were really beneficial and enjoyable for the children (and teachers!) Thank you.”

In feedback from the children 85% of children rated the sessions as Good to Excellent, with over 40% rating the classes as Excellent. Comments from the children;

I love it because it is relaxing

I really enjoyed the peacefulness in Tai Chi.

It calms you down after a hectic week.

It calmed me down at home when I get angry.

It calmed me down when I get stressed.

I liked it when we did the Chi ball because I liked to see if it was warm or cold.

Case Study 3 – term Year 5/6 Tai Chi class once a week 2015

18 out of 19 children giving feedback rated the classes Good to Excellent. Comments included;

“It makes you forgot everything and you just unmind (sic)”

“I liked learning the form and testing my balance”

Case Study 4 – feedback from 6 sessions for whole school 2015.

All teachers noticed improvements in children’s concentration and relaxation. One teacher commented that there were “improved listening skills during lessons” after the sessions. Another teacher commented that “children were more aware of their bodies abilities” and the KDS1 commented:

All of the EYFS children have reached their Early Learning goals for balancing and all KS1 children ‘s balancing is much improved” 

All of the children who gave feedback rated the class very good or excellent citing themes of relaxation and calmness as well as specific partner work such as “sticking” or games of “golden cockerel stands on one leg”.